Project Description
These documents show the Live video performance held on May 29, 2005 - from 10.00am to 6.00pm. at Metropolis in Chicago.

Three years ago, I began an ongoing project tracing my personal geography through several world cities. In each place, I videotape 15-minute conversations with people I encounter. I open dialogue by asking a simple question that anyone can relate to: "Where are you from?" I then involve individual participants in a conversation about displacement and their search for a better life.

Often located elsewhere, the quest for a better life is endemic of modern living where no place is contained and no home fixed. This reflection springs from personal experience and finds an echo in many voices. The project results in a collection of videotaped stories on contemporary notions of a better life.

-20 local and international passersby participated in one-to-one, 15-minute videotaped conversations with me. Their names appear in the signed cards below.

-Metropolis Coffee (Jeff & Tony Dreyfuss + Lita Lopez) provided the context for the project & Team Members Amy Hruska and Megan Kerns introduced the project to the public and scheduled individual conversations throughout the day.
Cards signed by 20 participants from the public-at-large