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Robots are coming home!
There's a new generation of toys that need to be nurtured in order to be kept "alive", such as a robotic pup, or an animatronic doll that looks and acts like baby sister. These toys develop in children new bonding relations with machines.

Question :
Would these toys affect a child's behavior towards people and animals?

Answer :

Home appliances chat with the outside world!
There's a new generation of Internet enabled appliances that are wired to each other and to suppliers (an alarm clock, a coffee pot, a refrigerator). An Internet refrigerator recognizes you have ran out of milk and orders it automatically from your grocer.

Question :
Would you acquire these devices because they reduce boring domestic work? Or, would you refrain because these devices may install a surveillance system in your home?

Answer :

More of the outside world comes home!
There are new architectural designs with embedded electronics. A wall turns into an Internet enabled window that opens onto virtual realms that you can "enter" to shop, do banking, get news, entertainment, sex and so on. The notion of being at home and being in many other places outside the home, collide onto one undifferentiated surface that is part of the architecture that houses you.

Question :
Would a screen that brings the outside world and is 10 times larger than your TV or Computer Monitor change your experience of feeling at home?

Answer :

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